Meet Cherry

Witty, pretty, and smart, it is my warm, inviting smile that immediately puts you at ease. You take in my naturally curvaceous body, soft cocoa skin; my light touches during dinner reassure you that you have my full attention. A politically active world traveler, I connect with you on the issues of the day, while never losing that glint in my eye that says, “Come closer.” You lean in, finding my depths irresistible. Pretense falls away as our genuine connection grows and our conversation becomes more intimate. I see you as you truly are, without judgement or expectation; this comfort making way for curiosity as we delve into each other. Whether exploring the city hand in hand or waking up together arm in arm, every moment with me is an adventure.

Imagine Us

Let’s ice skate hand in hand down at the Frog Pond. Bundled up, laughing together, and looking forward to warming up with hot chocolate, snuggles, and more back at your hotel.

I’d love to be the lady on your arm for a rocking night out. Let’s see the greats live: Fleetwood Mac at the Garden, Billy Joel at Fenway Park, Rolling Stones at Gillette Stadium.

Let’s cheer on our boys in green! Take me courtside for a Celtics game, then take me bedside for the postgame where we’ll work up a sweat.

Hip-Hop, Salsa, House – my body always knows the right rhythm. Confident and commanding your lustful attention, I ooze sexiness on the dance floor. Follow my lead as we find our groove and let the music move us as one. As the beat goes on, we’ll be racing home to take our party to the next level.

There’s nothing sexier than a woman in total control of her body. Let’s visit your favorite gentleman’s club and make it rain on talented ladies, then head back to your place so I can try out some of their moves for you!

Introducing Chef Cherry: let’s cook together. Don’t worry, I’ll handle all of the heavy lifting, stud. You just come prepared to lick your plate clean. 

Physical Stats

5’ 4”
Soft warm skin
Brown eyes
Juicy, round ass
Beautiful breasts 42 G 



Favorite Destinations

Rio de Janeiro

Dream Date Ideas

Skinny dipping at sunset in Maui
Strolling through The Parc Guell in Barcelona
Sampling strains in Amsterdam
Riding camels in Dubai
Exploring the markets in Marrakech
Diving into history in Johannesburg